England draw Spain

England national football team will play against Croatia side and Spain side in Nations League Group of UEFA. At the same time, Germany, host of World Cup, will play against France and Netherlands side. It was in November 2016 that England national football team played with Spain national football team last time, ending with an entertaining 2-2 draw. In the process of of the match, Isco won a late equalizer at Wembley.

The winner of Euro 2016 – Portugal national team competed with Italy and Poland side; the Belgium national football team played with Iceland and Switzerland side. In the system of Nations League, two football teams in similar ranking are allowed to present in one game. In other words, the Nations League will take place many friendlies to a certain extent.

New football matches will be started from Sep. 6 before a draw for top-division play-offs in December. The play-offs consisting of semifinals and a third-placed football match will be host in June 2019. In addition, the Nations League will provide another chance for football team who failed to enter finals through normal method. The highest ranked team in every group who hasn’t enter finals. At last, the four winners of finals is qualified to play the Euros.

In future, the competition will form promotion and delegation system. At the end of the group-stage competitions, the bottom teams will be relegated to lower division while winners will be promoted the higher division. Through this system, many football teams are forced to treat the match seriously.

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